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Do you have pain or injury relating to the arm, elbow, shoulder, hand, hip, knee, or leg? Then you might want to consider an Orthopedic specialist. Our expert physicians provide leading-edge, comprehensive care in the diagnosis and treatment of Orthopedic conditions, including total joint replacement and sports medicine. For your convenience, we make access to orthopedic care easy with appointments available at multiple locations.

Our mission is to return our patients back to pain-free mobility and full strength as quickly and as painlessly as possible using both surgical and non-surgical orthopedic procedures.

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Having successfully treated thousands of patients in the Central Texas region since 1968, Austin Regional Clinic's expert physicians and clinical specialists joined ARC from Medical Park Orthopedic Clinic in 2010. Our orthopedists continue to introduce new techniques and procedures to the community while providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment.

When pain or injury requires the attention of an orthopedic specialist, patients may be referred by their primary care physician or self-refer if their insurance allows.

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