Infusion Therapy – On-site rheumatism treatment. Call 512-346-8888.

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Infusion Therapy

On-Site Rheumatology Treatment

Call 512-346-8888

Infusion Therapy offers patients another method of treatment when other forms of medication are no longer effective. The ARC Rheumatology Department provides on-site infusion therapy services that, depending on the severity of the disease, can help patients gain normal function or decrease pain, swelling and stiffness in their joints and muscles, and for treatment of silent disorders like osteoporosis.

The infusion center is a quiet setting in our rheumatology office, designed to make patients feel comfortable and relaxed while they are being carefully monitored. We pay close attention to the personal privacy and the physical and emotional comfort of our patients. The 1000 sq. foot room is equipped with recliner chairs, a flat-screen TV, and wi-fi capabilities to meet the needs of our patients.

At least one of our board-certified rheumatologists, as well as our clinical nurses and medical assistants, are always on the premises to monitor your reactions and answer your questions. Treatment time and frequency will vary and is decided upon by you and your rheumatologist.

Our office also takes care of all insurance issues, including pre-authorizations.

Things to Remember the Day of your Procedure
  • Bring any medications you will need during your visit
  • Bring any comfort items and/or personal hygiene items you may need


  • Abatacept (Orencia® )
  • Cimzia lyophilized® (SQ injectable)
  • Cyclophosphamide (Cytoxan® )
  • Ibandronate (Boniva® )
  • Infliximab (Remicade® )
  • Methylprednisolone (Solu-Medrol® )
  • Prolia® (SQ injectable)
  • Rituximab (Rituxan® )
  • Tocilizumab (Actemra® )
  • Zoledronic Acid (Reclast® )
  • Intravenous Gammaglobulin

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