Do you suffer from rheumatism or autoimmune disease? Join our rheumatology clinical research studies.

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Both ARC patients and non-ARC patients who fit the trial eligibility requirements are welcome.

Our mission is to provide exceptional care. We strive to “Treat you Well” by simply doing what’s right for patients like you. As part of our commitment to this mission, we developed a medical research organization that participates in clinical research programs to look at new ways to prevent, detect, or treat diseases that may benefit patients in our community.

Through Medical Research, Advancements In Science Are Made, And The Quality Of Medicine Is Improved. 

Clinical Research is at the heart of all medical advances and contributes greatly to improving the quality of medicine that is available to you, and your loved ones. The health of millions has been improved because of people just like you who have volunteered in clinical research.

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Centrally located in Austin, Texas, Austin Regional Clinic offers research opportunities to the greater Austin region. Learn about current research opportunities and why volunteering in clinical research is so important.

Current Study Opportunities

Are you interested in a particular study opportunity? Information about current study opportunities can be found on the page with the condition in question. For more information on how to participate, submit the request form online.