On-demand access to a telemedicine doctor

On-demand televisits 24/7 with local doctors

Imagine being able to have a telemedicine visit within minutes with a trusted local ARC doctor, anytime and anywhere, with just a swipe on your phone. With eMD Access,  Austin Regional Clinic’s new telemedicine subscription service, that is now possible.

Individuals or families who sign up for eMD Access do not need to book an appointment for a televisit. Subscribers can simply log in and instant message an ARC physician about their illness or injury 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You can also upload images easily or convert the messaging session to a video visit.

Concerned about a worsening rash? Wondering if you need stitches for a recent cut? Is a persistent cough possibly COVID-19? Are you worried about a stomach issue but literally can’t stomach going to a doctor’s office? eMD Access can help, and you don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.

Staffed by ARC physicians you know and trust

eMD Access is staffed by ARC physicians who can treat common maladies such as colds, infections, allergies and minor injuries. They can recommend the best over-the-counter drugs and even prescribe medications. They can also expertly tell you if you need to go to a doctor’s office or an emergency room immediately.

“By offering patients quality medical advice when they need it, we’re helping patients avoid unnecessary and costly ER or urgent care visits — and the cost is about the same that you would pay for Netflix,” said Jacob Childers, MD, ARC Family Medicine physician and Medical Director for eMD Access.

eMD Access has been serving patients for the last four years as a benefit from their insurance plan or employer and currently cares for over 38,000 individuals and families throughout Central Texas. Now, for the very first time, you can choose to get the on-demand healthcare service for yourself and your family. Monthly plans for individuals start at $9.95 a month.

Avoid the car ride, the phone call, and frightening self-diagnoses of your illness via the web. Make eMD Access your first line of communication with a doctor. 

Visit eMDAcess.com to learn more and to sign up for an individual or family monthly plan.

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